About Us

Good Harbor® Financial, LLC ("Good Harbor" or "GHF") develops and manages a comprehensive suite of tactical investment solutions designed to fit into a wide range of portfolios for institutions, private investors and their financial advisors. Based in Chicago, the firm provides actively managed access to a broad range of global capital markets. Good Harbor's tactical investment strategies seek to enhance risk-adjusted returns by aligning capital with risk assets in periods of market strength, and by allocating to defensive assets in periods of market weakness. Our strategies are designed by an experienced team of individuals with strong quantitative backgrounds and who understand the responsibilities that come with professional asset management.


Good Harbor was formed in 2003 by Neil Peplinski to implement his unique statistical asset allocation strategy. Originally developed to optimize his own retirement account, Neil's methodology focused on finding ways to improve the odds that he could participate in the long-term trend of the market, while taking more conservative postures in the face of extended downturns.

In 2007, Neil joined with Paul Ingersoll, his former classmate at the University of Chicago, to further develop the Firm and its tactical approach.

About Us

Tactical Approach.
Good Harbor Financial delivers a global suite of comprehensive tactical investment solutions that seek to generate enhanced risk-adjusted returns. Our strategies are designed to outperform in varied market environments, protecting capital in down markets while participating in up markets.

Experience and Access.
With continuous research and innovation, we are committed to creating ongoing value for our clients. We provide a range of tactical investment solutions, applicable to a wide range of institutional, private investor and individual portfolios.

Culture of Excellence.
Good Harbor’s growth and success are a result of our disciplined investment philosophy, the diligent execution of our investment processes and the dedication to our employees.